Frequently Asked Questions

At Solarsense we try and make renewable energy as simple as possible. You can view a list of common questions and answers below, or grouped into sections on the left.

Hopefully this page will provide answers to most of the questions you have but if we have missed anything, or you would like us to go into more detail please contact us.


Where does Solarsense install?

Do I need planning permission?

Is my property suitable for solar?

Are there still grants available?

How long will my solar installation take?

Should I wait for technology to improve?

Can Solarsense systems be integrated with my existing set-up?

What kind of performance can I expect from my thermal system?

Which is best - Evacuated Tubes or Flat Panels?

Can you fit to a roof containing asbestos?

What is the RHI?

How do I register for the Feed-in Tariff?

What is the Renewable Heat Premium Payment?

What is a micro-inverter?

What are the real effects of shading? Is there any way around it?

What should I do if there are bats living in my roof space?

Can I receive my FiT payments from someone other than my current energy supplier?

What do I do about an export meter?