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Household Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

Household System Health Check

Your solar system needs very little regular maintenance. But in order to keep it humming along and producing into old age, periodic checks are advisable.

Our recommended annual health check - equally beneficial for solar PV and solar thermal systems includes:

  • Visual check and test of key connections, switches and electrical components
  • Visual check of panels, mountings and other hardware components
  • Inverter diagnostics
  • Irradiance & DC circuit test
  • Clean inverter and fan
  • AC electrical safety certificate compliant with BS7671*
  • Thermal transfer fluid check and top-up**
  • System re-pressurisation**
  • Report and recommendations

Thermal systems only          

** Recommended optional extra


Domestic Solar Panel Cleaning 

Most solar panels have a mysophobic coating to resist dirt and contaminants. However, in periods of low rainfall or in locations near busy roads or where birds congregate, your panels can accumulate unsightly deposits which may, over time, inhibit the performance of your system.

We therefore recommend our panel cleaning service, which offers:

  • Extremely pure water produced on-site by mobile 3 stage filtration, reverse osmosis and de-ionisation equipment to ensure near zero deposits
  • Water supply can be elevated to most rooftop arrays
  • Specialist brushes clean and rinse panels thoroughly without damaging delicate mysophobic coatings
  • Water-fed pole system offer up to 17 metre lateral reach
  • Visual check of array condition
  • In most cases no specialist access equipment needed
  • Fully insured


System Upgrades

Your solar panels are hopefully providing you with healthy Feed in Tariff payments - but you are giving the electricity generated to the energy companies for free! With our range of retro-fit upgrades and enhancements, we can help you satisfy the energy needs in your home…

  • Battery Storage technology is now much more cost effective and compact, and can meet all of your power needs, even with a small solar PV system
  • Air Source Heat Pumps use the solar power you generate to efficiently heat your home and offer generous renewable heat incentive payments
  • Immersion Controllers convert the excess electricity produced by your PV system into piping hot water for your family to use at no cost

These technologies take the electricity generated by your PV system and put it to work providing power, heating and hot water for your home.