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Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning and O&M

Commercial Operations & Maintenance Contract 

Solarsense offer an Operations and Maintenance contract on every commercial system we install. Each technology will require a different level of maintenance, however we will discuss this with you as part of the project schedule.

By taking advantage of our Operations and Maintenance service you are safeguarding your equipment against possible breakdowns or reductions in performance. It will also help to uphold any warranties on the equipment you have purchased. We can help tailor a package to your building requirements; please contact us for more information.

* Please note we are unable to offer an O&M contract on equipment that we have not installed, however can provide the services below.


System Health Check  

Your system is designed to require very little maintenance and to run productively for many years. However as with any complex electrical equipment, issues which were not envisaged such as the environment, third party interference or component failure can cause unanticipated problems.

Our system health check aims to prevent these problems and includes:

  • Visual check of all rails and mountings
  • Visual check of module condition
  • Full string test
  • Visual & physical check of all MC4 connectors
  • Interrogation of inverter display error codes and logs
  • Full inverter diagnostic testing and checking of monitoring connectivity
  • Visual check of all system AC & DC electrics
  • Inverter & fan dust and clean
  • Irradiance test and other tests using Seaward diagnostic technology
  • Full report of system condition & operation provided to system owner 


Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning 

Your panels are coated with a self-cleaning surface which is designed to avoid any build-up of dirt, however in certain situations such as shallow pitch installation or proximity to trees, farms or busy roads biological and other deposits such as bird droppings can adhere to the panels and reduce efficiency. 

Using specialist equipment and super-clean water our solar panel cleaning service removes all of these deposits safely without damaging the self-coating.

  • Uses extremely pure water produced on-site by mobile 3 stage filtration, reverse osmosis and de-ionised equipment
  • Low water usage 
  • Water supply can be elevated to any height of rooftop array
  • Specialist cleaning brushes safeguard panel coatings
  • Water fed pole cleaning lances offer up to 17 meter lateral reach 


PV revenue assurance and meter monitoring

Through our partner; RWG Consulting we offer 24/7 remote metering and monitoring to ensure your system is running at maximum efficiency all year round; saving your business £1000’s in the case of an inverter failure or a power outage.

Our software closely monitors your PV systems data to identify any shortfalls in performance and produce a monthly report so that you can oversee your progress and have peace of mind that your system is generating the maximum return on investment.

By remotely metering your solar PV system we can automatically claim your feed-in tariff payments (if installed before April 2019) and offer the option to individually bill your tenants if you are a landlord or PPA provider.