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Solar Carports

Solarsense UK and Giulio Barbieri S.r.l have formed a strategic partnership to deliver a bespoke, competitive and high quality solar carport solution to the UK renewable energy market. 

Through combining the solar development and management expertise gained from Solarsense, with the elegance and reliability of Giulio Barbieri's outdoor structures, the pair have created a turn-key design, supply and installation service for commercial and industrial customers throughout the UK. 

Our leading solar carport solution has been tried and tested across Europe by companies such as Hyundai, McDonalds, Panasonic and Bridgestone to name a few. 


What is a solar carport? 

A solar carport is a dual purpose, stand-alone structure that provides shelter for vehicles, whilst generating clean, renewable energy from the sun. This free electricity can then either be used on-site and (or) used to charge a fleet of electric vehicles. 

Solar carports are designed to cover many styles of car parking spaces. A carport can be designed to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding environment. They can be customised and equipped with gutters to harvest rain water or even have branding applied.

From a dual parking space to an entire commercial carpark; a solar carport makes a real statement and not only offers the opportunity to charge electric vehicles on-site but to generate an income from low grade parking spaces, aesthetically improve your carpark, visibly promote your CSR credentials and provide staff, visitors and their vehicles with a shelter from the elements. 

Solar carports can be installed independently or in conjunction with a roof mounted solar PV system on your main premises. The solar carport is particularly useful for companies exploring solar options without adequate roof space or with roof spaces filled with vents or skylights. 


What are the benefits of solar carports? 

Our leading and bespoke solar carport solutions offer all of the advantages of traditional solar PV with a number of added benefits. 

  • Significantly reduce business overheads: improve business operations and increase bottom line
  • Create energy security: pre-purchase energy today at a fixed unit cost & protect your business against future increases and power outages
  • Generate electricity onsite: reduce reliance on the National Grid
  • Electric vehicle charging: option to connect EV charging points
  • Generate income: via the government feed-in tariff scheme with a further option to bill electric vehicle users to charge their vehicles.
  • Create additional roof space for on-site energy generation: increase electricity output
  • Aesthetically improve your carpark: transform low grade parking spaces into a vision for the future
  • Make a statement on sustainability: visibly promote your CSR credentials & improve corporate reputation
  • Create a superior user experience: protect staff, visitors and their vehicles from the elements 


Why use Solarsense to install solar carports? 

We take a holistic approach to energy generation and will offer advice and guidance as to what suits your particular business. 

Our combined technical team, design each project from scratch, tailored to your budget and requirements. Our solar carports are quick and easy to install - saving on cost. They can be adapted, expanded and will maintain their value over time. 

Our smart energy solutions are cost effective and efficient. For example, our carport structures are equipped with reinforced concrete support bases as standard; negating the need for expensive foundations. This simplifies the authorization process, reduces the need for foundation work and ensures the structures can be adapted or repositioned in the future.

We have won 18 regional, national and international awards in recognition of our expertise, customer service, and pioneering projects. Most recently we have been awarded Solar PV Installer of the Year 2018 at the Southwest Energy Efficiency Awards. 

Businesses will also benefit from our ability to utilise the skills of our partner company, Giulio Barbieri S.r.l for additional support where certain designs may require specialist engineering.



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