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LED & energy efficient lighting


As part of our company vision we are looking ahead to a future increasingly fuelled by renewable energy. As a result Solarsense is actively seeking ways to reduce the dependency and demand we have on our main sources of electricity.

If we reduce the amount of electricity we use, we increase the efficiency of the energy we generate. LED lighting has a big part to play in this, and at Solarsense we are now installing LED lighting systems for domestic and commercial applications.


High efficiency, low cost

Lighting counts for approximately 20% of our overall energy consumption at home, and approaching 30-50% in commercial property where the lights are often on 24 hours a day - even when there is nobody there!

Compared with traditional lighting technology, LED lighting is hugely efficient. You can achieve the same light output (Lumens) as a 50-watt halogen light from just a 7-watt LED and the lifespan is significantly longer.

For example:  A halogen 50 watt bulb (a typical domestic down-light) will last approximately 1500 hours of ‘normal’ use, or about 18 months on average. By contrast, the life of an equivalent LED down-light is around 50,000 hours, or about 50 years on average!

LED’s also benefit from an extremely low failure rate so the need for maintenance, particularly in commercial situations, is dramatically reduced.

There are huge energy savings to be made by installing or upgrading to LED’s, and recent developments in LED lighting technology mean that there are now high quality, tried and tested products readily available for both businesses and consumers.


Short payback, high returns

One of the major benefits of investing in LED lighting is the short payback time. The return on investment is excellent due to the huge savings on energy and maintenance costs. 

For example the system installed for Versa Engineering will create a net profit of £166,083.00 and a 28% return on investment over 25 years, for more information please see the case studies below.


LED Lighting Case Studies

Solarsense zero carbon office - LED lighting case study

Versa Engineering - LED lighting & solar PV Case Study

Seal-Lite Group - LED lighting case study


Award-winning partnership

Solarsense have partnered with OptaLED, a creative, dynamic, and design-led company who pride themselves in UK design and manufacture. Together we are dedicated to offering high quality, innovative lighting solutions from initial design through to installation.


Free, no obligation quote

At Solarsense we can design, supply and fit LED lighting systems for almost any application.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a free, no obligation survey.