We The Curious has become the first science centre in the world to declare a climate emergency

Thursday June 6, 2019

We The Curious Solar Panel Installation Solarsense

We The Curious has become the first science centre in the world to declare a climate emergency, pledging to become carbon neutral by 2030 and hoping to inspire individuals and organisations to take action against climate change.

Solarsense installed a 49.92kWp solar PV system for the science centre, formally known as At-Bristol back in 2012. The bespoke renewable energy system was estimated to generate 47,000 kWh of smart, clean energy per year. As well as generating above predictions at 48,637 kWh in the first year, the solar panels offset more than 26.7 tonnes of carbon emissions annualy. Chris Dunford, Head of Sustainable Futures at We The Curious said; 

'The results we’ve produced over the year have been brilliant, and exceeding what we planned is fantastic.'


We The Curious Solar Solarsense     We The Curious Solar 2 Solarsense

The science centre has reduced its energy consumption by 28 per cent in the last nine years, with the aim to reduce this further. We The Curious take their sustainability very seriously and is planning to run more energy-efficient activities in the future;

'Climate change is a serious threat to our society and so we need to take positive action now.' Chris Dunford.

We The Curious is not the only Bristol institution to take action on our climate crisis, many organisations throughout the city have installed a plethora of renewable energy technologies to tackle the catastrophic consequences of global warming. 

Bristol City Council have also declared a climate emergency and launched their One City Plan in January 2019. Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees has recently said;

'It is inspiring to see We The Curious join the growing climate emergency movement in Bristol.'

Bristol has been praised in the past for its green credentials and was awarded the European Green Capital Award in 2015. Solarsense has installed a number of smart energy solutions and carbon cutting technologies throughout the city and for Bristol City Council, including 35 solar panel arrays across a number of schools.


Bristol Solar School Solarsense     Bristol Solar School 2 Solarsense 

However, with The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), NASA and world's leading climate scientists warning us that we risk a 'man-made disaster of global scale', it is clear that organisations must do more, as stated by Marvin Rees;

'Quite simply, a carbon neutral city requires every organisation to become carbon neutral.'

If you are considering your options for reducing your carbon footprint, Solarsense can provide you or your business with an initial desktop survey to identify how much carbon you can offset alongside the financial benefits sought, all free of charge and without obligation. 

Contact us to find out more.

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