Solarsense install community funded solar PV system for Churchill Academy and Sixth Form, North Somerset

Wednesday October 3, 2018

Churchill Academy Community Solar Installation

Solarsense has completed a community funded solar PV system for Churchill Academy and Sixth Form, North Somerset.

The 195kWp solar array was designed and installed by Solarsense and was funded and is owned by Low Carbon Gordano Limited, a co-operative whose purpose is to help the local community to reduce energy costs and become more sustainable. 

Solarsense has been LCG’s preferred supplier for a number of years and has installed a number of solar panel installations for the community benefit society, including Ham Lane Solar Park and Northleaze School.

Solarsense provide Low Carbon Gordano with five key services including the identification of potential new sites, feasibility studies, site development, installation and maintenance. The long-standing partnership has resulted in more than 3MW of community owned solar projects throughout North Somerset and the South West.

The 195 kWp solar array at Churchill Academy and Sixth Form is the largest on-roof solar system the community group has installed to date. The 565-panel system fitted across four school buildings is estimated to produce an estimated 199,253kWh per annum, the equivalent to an 89,465kg saving in CO2 emissions.

Many schools have large expansive roof spaces and are ideally set up for solar installations, however, when it comes to funding most are not in the position to initially self-finance. Through community funding, the solar PV system and installation costs can be covered meaning lower running costs for the school at zero capital outlay.

Community funded solar not only provides the school with lower energy bills and a reduction in carbon emissions but also offers an opportunity to educate and inspire the next generation about sustainability, the environment, how renewable energy is generated and how all of the technology works.

If you would like more information, do not hesitate in contacting us to find out more. Our technical experts are on hand to offer free advice. 


System details

System size: 194.93 kWp

Solar modules: SunPower 345W

Estimated annual output: 199,253 kWh 

Estimated annual CO2 savings: 89,465 kg

No. of modules: 565 SunPower 345W



Churchill Academy School Solar 4

Churchill Academy School Solar 1

Churchill Academy School Solar 2

Churchill Academy School Solar 3

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