Solar carport installed for ENGIE performs 8% above predicted performance in year 1

Wednesday December 19, 2018

ENGIE Solar Carport Solarsense

Solar carport solution installed for ENGIE performs 8% above predicted performance in year 1

ENGIE are delighted with the performance of their solar carport, which to date has performed 8% above what was predicted when installed back in Autumn 2017.

With 4,500 electric vehicles being registered every month in the UK, solar carports are rising rapidly in popularity as a means for businesses to offer on-site charging for their staff and visitors.


What is a solar carport? 

A solar carport is a dual purpose, stand-alone structure that provides shelter for vehicles, whilst generating clean, renewable energy from the sun. This free electricity can then either be used on-site and (or) used to charge a fleet of electric vehicles. 

Solar carports can be installed independently or as in the case of ENGIE can be combined with either a roof mounted or ground mounted solar PV system on your main premises.

The solar carport is particularly useful for companies exploring solar options without adequate roof space or with roof spaces filled with vents or skylights.

For more information on our leading solar carport solutions, visit our solar carports page or contact us to speak with an expert.


Images: ENGIE solar carport 

ENGIE Solar Carport Ground Mount Array Solarsense ENGIE Office Solar Carport Solarsense

ENGIE Solar Car Port Solarsense

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