FIT Closure

Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Scheme

Under the government’s feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme, you will be paid for every unit (kWh) of electricity your solar panels generate, whether you use the energy or not. You will also be paid for the free, unused electricity you export back to the grid.

To date, the feed-in tariff has helped encourage over a million homeowners and thousands of businesses to install solar PV.


What is the FIT?

The FIT was introduced in 2010 to incentivise homeowners and businesses in England to invest in solar panels (solar PV) with guaranteed, index linked payments for 20 years.

The FIT has two elements; the generation tariff and the export tariff.

The generation tariff will pay you the current FIT rate – dependant on system size – for every unit (kWh) of electricity your solar PV system generates, whether it is used or not.

The export tariff will pay you for any excess electricity you generate and export back to the national grid. For systems smaller than 30kWp, your electricity supplier will assume you only use half of the electricity your system generates. It therefore makes sense to utilise as much of the power your system generates in order to maximise your financial benefits – Solarsense offer a range of products to maximise self-consumption – contact us to speak with an expert.

Our team of experts will factor in the FIT and any other finance metrics to provide a detailed projection of the savings you are likely to achieve in regard to your specific property.


Current Feed-in tariff export rates

Valid from: 01.10.18 – 31.12.18

 Tariff band


 0 - 10 kWp


 > 10 - 50 kWp


 > 50 - 250 kWp


 > 250 – 1 MWp


 > 1 – 5 MWp


 Export tariff


* Rates from energy regulator Ofgem

** Current rate is locked in for the duration of your 20-year term and will not be affected by future regressions

*** Rates set to regress at a fixed rate, every 3 months. However, if the installation cap set by the Government for a particular banding is met in that period, the rate for that banding can reduce significantly more than the planned regression.


Feed-in Tariff closure

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme is scheduled to close in April 2019 for new registrations.

The FIT has achieved the Government aim of reducing the overall implementation costs for solar PV panels - installing a solar PV system today is approximately half the cost of what it was in 2010 when the incentive was introduced.

Solar PV technology has advanced and matured beyond the need for subsidisation. Homeowners and businesses are now aware of the financial benefits sought without the added bonus of export payments.

The key message is that solar technology is now independent and the energy savings alone are strong enough to provide very healthy financial returns, however, there is a last chance to take advantage of a free subsidy to boost your returns while it remains on offer.

As a result of the FIT closure, 2018 is set to be a very busy year for the solar industry. It is highly recommended that anyone considering a solar PV installation with the FIT, to fast track their decision and act quickly in order to avoid any registration issues that may arise in the final quarter of the year.

If you have a project in mind, would like any further advice or would like to speak to an expert, contact us today.


MCS certification and criteria

For you or your business to claim the Feed-in Tariff, you must meet certain criteria. Solarsense will guide you through the necessary procedures and ensure you meet all of the requirements needed before installation.

Solarsense are Micro Certification Scheme (MCS) certified installers. The company is highly accredited and has won numerous awards for their customer service.