Solar panels & sustainable solutions for schools, academies, colleges & universities

Reduce bills, engage pupils and help the environment with solar panels and sustainable solutions.

Schools are the perfect case for implementing sustainable solutions. The Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has split the key benefits into three categories:

  1. Reduced electricity bills: schools can make significant savings on their electricity bills, allowing them spend money on educational and recreational programmes, not on energy. Solar panels can generate electricity for more than 40 years so the cost savings will go on for some time and likely to be substantial.
  2. Reducing CO2 emissions: combating climate change by significantly reducing the school's greenhouse gas emissions. Using the above example, a medium size system can reasonably expect to mitigate several tonnes of greenhouse gas emission each and every year, creating significant CO2 savings over the lifespan of a system.
  3. Education and engagement: being able to communicate to the pupils the benefits of sustainability through a working example of renewable technology in their own school will provide more direct engagement, particularly in the subjects of geography, science, design and technology and IT. This can also help to inspire the wider community to take action to address climate change.


The solar for schools specialists

Having installed more than 80 school solar systems across the UK including the first "Zero-Carbon in-use" school in Europe, Solarsense are the perfect partner to help your school reduce its overheads, lower its carbon footprint and provide an invaluable teaching resource for science, IT, geography and more. 

To discuss installing solar on your school please contact a member of our commercial team who will be able to discuss the options available to you.

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The Solarsense guide to sustainable solutions for schools

The Carbon Trust estimates UK schools could reduce energy costs by around £44 million per year, which would prevent 625,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. 

The full Solarsense guide can be viewed by clicking here.


Local Authorities and City Councils

Solarsense work with a range of local authorities and city councils throughout the UK.

More information can be found on the Public Sector Page.


Primary School Case Studies

Read about some of our solar school installations by clicking the images below. Files open as .pdf documents. You will need a free copy of Acrobat Reader to open them.

 ashton  montgomery  redland

Ashton Vale


Redland Green

 Northleaze U westbury  assorted 


Westbury on Trym

Assorted schools


University, Academy & College Case Studies

 UWE U  Exeter Uni U  Westfield U Lord Wandsworth U  



 Exeter University


Westfield Academy


Lord Wandsworth College