Solar panels and sustainable solutions for farms and landowners

Reduce costs and save money with solar panels and sustainable solutions

With the cost of electricity increasing year on year, many farms are looking to sustainable solutions in order to reduce their energy bills and maintain profitability. With vast roofs and expanses of unused land, farms are ideal locations for large systems that can offset high daily electricity consumption and help protect your business against future rises in electricity costs.

The most popular sustainable solution for farms is solar PV, the huge uptake in solar panels within the agriculture sector speaks volumes and is a true testament to the reliability and strong returns offered. 

With no moving parts solar panels have long warranties and provide predictable long-term electricity generation. Solarsense also offer an Operations and Maintenance contract on every system we install which safeguards your equipment against possible breakdowns or reductions in performance.

There are also a range of other effective and efficient solutions available for farms and agricultural businesses such as solar parks, heat-pumps (airsource/groundsource) and solar thermal all of which when coupled with incentives such as the RHI can produce healthy returns and a reduced payback period. 


Why choose Solarsense?

Solarsense are the UK's leading provider of sustainable solutions and have been working with farmers and landowners throughout the UK for over 20 years, from Solar PV to Heat Pumps, we understand the realities of installing sustainable solutions on working farms.

Our systems are fully tested and guaranteed against ammonia and salt mist attack and we are careful to ensure that our roof-mounted PV systems do not compromise natural ventilation pathways in cattle shed roofs. Solarsense are also fully compliant with the latest regulations and protection measures concerning the installation of electrical systems on farms containing livestock.

We are open and transparent about what we do and we take the time to establish long-term working relationships that allow mutual understanding to develop in order to deliver the best possible results for our customers.

Notable clients who work with us on their ongoing renewable energy projects include the Duchy of Cornwall and Michael Eavis of Worthy Farm, Glastonbury. 


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Agricultural roof-mounted solar PV


  • Protection from rising energy costs – with most farmers paying 11.7 pence per kWh or more for their electricity, a solar PV system offers much cheaper power 
  • Typical system payback is under 7 years
  • Net Return on Investment is typically around 15% for a 50kWp system generating on average around 45,000 kWh per year. This includes depreciation of the system over 25 years.
  • Index linking of subsidy means returns keep pace with inflation
  • Surplus power exported to the grid is sold for additional income
  • Solar panels mounted on farm building roofs do not require planning permission
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – solar energy is completely green and renewable; PV systems don’t release any greenhouse gases and don’t deplete natural resources in use as they rely only on light from the sun

We find that most farms have buildings that are suitable for a solar PV system, with the most typical type being the steel portal framed barn covered with fibre reinforced cement sheeting.

Because of the usual 10 - 15° roof angle a solar PV system will still generate well even when the roof does not have the most favourable South facing orientation.

Solar Parks


For an introduction to solar parks please have a look at our technology pages.

As well as a full Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) service, Solarsense is able to advise and assist in the various planning and development activities necessary for a ground mounted system.

Farmers and landowners will achieve the best offer for solar park development opportunities if planning consent has been secured and a formal offer of connection has been obtained. Solarsense can provide full services to achieve these objectives and also assist in tendering the development opportunity. Your initial development costs will be recovered in the form of a lease premium.

If you prefer to minimise your outlay, Solarsense can introduce partners who will be prepared to meet the pre-planning costs in return for a lease option that secures their right to develop the solar park once planning consent is obtained.

Significant energy savings

A 50kWp system on 300m2 of unused roof space can generate over 48,500 units of electricity each year*. With electricity currently costing 14p a unit this is a saving of £6,790 per year and as prices rise, so do your savings.

ROI of over 15%

Income from the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) is index linked and guaranteed for 20 years. A 50kWp system will currently** earn over £6,489 per year from the FiT. When added to saving on energy bills, roof mounted solar PV systems regularly generate a return on investment of over 15%.


*Assumes a South-facing system in the South West.
igures correct as of June 2014. The Feed-in Tariff rate available to new members of the scheme reduces over time.

Finance for Solar PV

Solarsense offer financing solutions helping companies to avoid the initial capital expenditure. Subject to approval our packages provide savings and revenue from the day the system is commissioned with minimal installation down-time allowing you to get on with your business focus. Look at our Incentives and Finance page for further details.

Agricultural PV Case Studies

Read about some of our agricultural PV installations by clicking the images below.

 duchy  glastonbury tortworth 

Duchy of Cornwall


Tortworth Estate

 solarner  varley  questionmark

Solarner Park

Varley Farm

Your farm?..

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