Ham Lane Solar Park

Community solar projects

As a consequence of rising electricity costs and a strong Feed-in Tariff, communities are in a great position to benefit from community solar energy.

By working collectively, communities are able to develop and invest in local, clean energy production, bringing long-term benefits to local investors and the wider community as a whole.

Solarsense is a firm believer in the power of community solar projects and is working to actively promote their take-up throughout the UK. From community centres to churches, Solarsense has helped a wide range of community groups to benefit from solar PV.

We support local groups through the full process from assessing the site or building, developing planning applications through to design, installation and monitoring of the system. 


What is community solar?

Community solar can be developed in many ways, from installing on a commmunity centre or church, through to the development of a community owned solar park. The key is that the system is owned by the community so the benefits are enjoyed by the local community rather than investors or companies from outside the local area.


What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to community owned solar, including:

Local investment opportunities
With many community solar projects members of the local community are invited to invest in the development. In the case of community solar parks, returns on investment of 7% are common, with preference given to local investors.

Community funds
Even after paying the interest due to individual investors, many community solar projects generate excess profits. These funds are generally invested back into local community initiatives providing year-on-year benefit to the local community.

Environmental benefits
Community solar projects generate clean electricity which is used locally. A building with solar on it's roof will consume the electricity it generates and reduce its carbon footprint. Electricity that is not used on-site (100% of the energy in the case of a community solar park) can be consumed by homes and businesses connected to the local electricity grid, effectively greening the local energy supply and reducing the carbon footprint of the community as a whole.

Local employment
Being community owned, many groups specify the use of local installers and suppliers. This helps bring jobs and new skills to the local community.


How do I find out more about solar for my community?

To discuss how your community group can benefit from solar PV talk to one of our team today


Community solar PV case studies

Read about some of our Community solar PV installations by clicking the images below. Files open as .pdf documents. You will need a free copy of Acrobat Reader to open them.


stbridgets  Northleaze U  Westfield U  Ham Lane Solar Park

St Bridgets Church


Northleaze School


Westfield Academy


 Ham Lane Solar Park


Ham Lane Community Solar Park