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Commercial renewable energy and solar panels for businesses

Working with blue-chip companies, local authorities and SME’s across all industry sectors, we supply UK businesses with a range of turn-key renewable energy solutions that deliver financial savings, carbon reductions and energy independence.

Established in 1995 and specialising in commercial rooftop solar panels, we have completed more than 10,500 installations and are responsible for powering some of the UK’s leading organisations.

Whether your business is looking to save money, save the environment or secure energy for the future, we are renewable energy experts, capable of designing a bespoke energy system that delivers results.

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Turn-key energy solutions for businesses

Whilst many other installers have focused purely on solar (PV) panels, we take a holistic approach to energy generation and specialise across a range of clean and renewable energy technologies.

From our zero-carbon head office based outside of Bristol, we utilise our unparalleled 23 years’ experience to work with our clients, audit their current situation and identify the best suited technologies to meet their specific needs.

From solar panels, solar battery storage and solar carports to commercial LED lighting, heat pumps and electric vehicle charge-points – we will ensure you receive the best advice possible.


Benefits at a glance

  • Significantly reduce business overheads, improve business operations and increase your bottom line with up to 100% savings on daytime energy costs
  • Generate income: via the government feed-in tariff scheme if registered before April 2019.
  • Generate energy on-site: reduce reliance on the National Grid
  • Energy Security: pre-purchase energy at a fixed unit price, forecast your long term energy costs & protect your business against future increases in utility prices and power shortages
  • Make a statement on sustainability: solar carports, brise soleil and other technologies allow a business to visibly promote their CSR credentials & improve their corporate reputation
  • ESOS solution: if your company qualifies to submit a mandatory energy audit, Solarsense can help to identify how much energy your business could generate through our range of sustainable solutions.


Solar panels for business

Due to the particularly high returns that solar (PV) panels deliver, this technology is one of the most popular sustainable solutions to date. Solar panels can save your business considerable money by generating free, clean electricity to use on site – lowering your electricity bills by up to 100% - saving you thousands of pounds each year. A typical payback period for a solar panel system is less than 7 years.


Solar battery storage for business

Capitalise on the energy savings your solar panels produce - store the excess electricity for use when your business needs it most or when your variable rate of electricity is at its peak. By integrating an on-site solar battery storage solution with solar panels, your business can leverage additional energy security benefits, becoming less reliant on the National Grid and the volatile energy market. Having energy stored on-site can also protect your business from power cuts, allowing you to remain operational and ahead of your competitors.


Solar carports for business

From a dual parking space to an entire commercial carpark; a solar carport makes a real statement towards sustainability and not only offers an increased space for on-site energy generation but an opportunity to charge electric vehicles (EVs). Solar carports allow businesses to transform low grade parking spaces, generate an income, visibly promote their ‘green’ credentials and provide staff and visitors with a shelter from the elements.


LED lighting for business 

Switching to commercial LED lighting offers a number of financial, environmental and health benefits to staff and businesses. One of the key benefits of installing LED lighting is the short payback period. Switching to LEDs can save your business up to 80% on annual lighting costs alone. Not only will switching to energy saving lighting enable your business to save money but also create a more comfortable and productive working environment for your staff. LEDs are also more environmentally friendly, free from toxic chemicals and dangerous materials. 


Heat pumps for business 

Heating commercial premises with a heat pump will significantly reduce heating costs and increase your organisation’s green credentials. A ground or air source heat pump can reduce the cost of space heating considerably due to the need for less energy to generate the same amount of heat. Heat pumps last much longer than traditional boilers and require less maintenance, generating further savings. The Government also offer a generous incentive via the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, helping to create a very healthy ROI. 


Our award-winning approach 

We are advice-led not sales driven. 

We work with you every step of the way, including; DNO/G59/grant applications, MCS registrations and planning permissions, right through to the handover of your system. 

Our consultative approach has helped us win 18 awards over the years, most recently winning; Solar PV Installer of the Year at the 2018 Southwest Energy Efficiency Awards. 


Operation and maintenance service 

We offer a comprehensive Monitoring, Operations and Maintenance service to ensure your system continues to perform at its peak efficiency for the duration of its lifetime.  


Business finance options for solar panel installations 

We have partnered with some of the UK’s leading financial institutions. From asset finance to hire purchase we will ensure you receive the best advice available and a bespoke finance package to suit.

We also offer a ‘free’ solar panel installation via our power purchase agreement (PPA) – simply lease the airspace above your roof for 25 years and enjoy all the benefits of solar with no capital investment. 


Free, no obligation desktop survey 

We use industry leading software to accurately predict how much renewable energy can be generated and used on-site. We provide detailed economic efficiency calculations to ensure you understand exactly how and when you can expect to break even, the structure of repayments and income, and the overall profit for your business. 


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