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Solarsense Vision & Ethos


Our Vision

Solarsense is proud of its heritage but also has a strong vision for the future;

"To lead the way in shifting the UK from the fossil fuel era to a future based on renewable energy". 

Our Ethos

From the first contact or site visit to diligent after-sales service, our focus is on quality, honesty, reliability and customer satisfaction. 

We have a culture of respect for our customers. We are neat, clean, efficient and courteous.

We operate with an open-book policy of honesty. We work hard to ensure communication is good. We manage a cohesive and hassle-free process from concept to completion.

A good quality of installation is our overriding priority. We complete each job to a standard we ourselves are proud of. If any errors arise they are for us to deal with, with no one else is to blame.

We continually develop a team of sales, installation and office staff who are trusted and accountable for what they do. We prove our commitment to training programmes and invest in our people. 

We give support to the community around us. We sponsor and help local events/charities, and give a percentage of our annual profits to overseas charity work.

We care about our own and each other’s safety. The company holds a Gold accreditation in EXOR (Health and Safety Accreditation) and its entire installation staff have comprehensive health and safety training.

We manage our impact on the environment. We correctly sort waste, identify socially and environmentally responsible suppliers and have created a regional centre of excellence for renewable energy, sustainability and biodiversity. 

We invest in and adapt quickly to changes in technology, products and installation methods. We develop new services to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and deliver cutting-edge projects.