Solarsense Madagascar Charity Project

Sharing our knowledge

We take our social responsibility seriously and feel it is only right that organisations do what they can to share their knowledge. Each year we invest our time and expertise in direct support of selected charitable projects throughout the UK and beyond.

You can read more about our project work below. If you would like to get involved in our work or find out more about a specific project please contact us.

Research & conservation station, Madagascar

In late 2016, Solarsense visited one of Bristol Zoological Society’s in-country wildlife conservation projects on the island of Madagascar - the project aims to protect three types of endangered lemur species, one of which is amongst the world’s rarest and most endangered primates.

At the heart of the project is a research & conservation station in the Ankarafa Forest that serves as a base for field work and Solarsense made the long trip in order to provide a solar PV system to power the equipment and provide lighting for the team based there.

On top of this Solarsense also installed a variety of small solar systems for a number of tourist camps and throughout the local village to provide electricity for the Madagascan community.

For more information on the Bristol Zoo project, please click here.

Solarsense partner with the Nepal Trust

As part of our continued commitment to sharing our knowledge, Solarsense have become fundraising and Technical Partners of the Nepal Trust (Reg. charity SC022552,

The first stage of our partnership began in October 2013 when a team of two Solarsense engineers visited the remote town of Simikot in western Nepal. The purpose of this trip was threefold;

  • Replacing a broken solar shower unit at the Nepal Trust’s headquarters with a brand new high-altitude design;
  • The team will be assessing the trust’s Renewable Energy Service Centre (RESC) to define the requirements for a workshop to support the maintain micro and pico renewable energy systems in the region;
  • We will be working with the Nepal Trust’s local representatives to design a training syllabus for the local people who will become the renewable energy engineers of the future.

Many hundreds of small renewable energy systems have been installed across the wider region but the local expertise needed to repair and maintain them is missing. The RESC is an innovative project that will address this problem and provide a greater degree of resilience to the local community. The centre will stock essential items such as batteries, wires, fuses and controllers so that a 3-day trip to Kathmandu is no longer required to replace a £3 fuse, while the training programme will provide employment for local people who will be trained to repair and maintain systems installed by other organisations.

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The Rainbow Centre, Bristol  

The Rainbow Centre is a charity that provides free therapeutic support to children and their families affected by bereavement, life threatening illness and cancer.

Solarsense installed a free 2kWp solar PV system on the roof of the centre at Lilymead Avenue. The solar array not only reduces the charity’s electricity bills by about a third but also generates a modest income via the Government's Feed in Tariff scheme.

“Our Solarsense panels have performed brilliantly ever since they were installed, we haven’t encountered any faults or problems. They have saved us hundreds of pounds every year on our electricity bills, which is incredibly important for a small charity like the Rainbow Centre.  We’re not just helping local children and families affected by life threatening illness and bereavement – now we’re helping the planet too.” Deborah Hill, Fundraising & Finance Director.

We would like to thank Alan Manchip Electrical and ASM Scaffolding, two of our most trusted contractors, for supporting the project at the Rainbow Centre free of charge.

We also support a number of local and national charities and social enterprises including but not limited to the following:

The Centre For Contemporary Art And The Natural World –  a pioneering Arts & Ecology charity which explores urgent environmental issues through the Arts. Solarsense have supported the construction of a bespoke 24ft geodesic education and community dome in Haldon Forest Park, near Exeter.

The Converging World - a charity against social inequality which creates mechanisms to link communities in the developed and developing world. Solarsense donated a solar cooker for their trip to Tirunelveli, India, earlier this year, where they tested different cookers with the rural community.

Brake The Cycle - a new social enterprise "inspiring sustainable living through carbon-free adventure". Solarsense donated a super solar charging kit for their Camden to Cape Town cycling fundraiser.

Project Gravity X - Solarsense are proud to sponsor this exciting four wheel bike build project which aims to help spread the all-inclusive sport of 4-wheeled mountain biking by making it more accessible for able bodied and disabled people alike. 

Beso Rural Medical Centre

In February 2011 two of the Solarsense team travelled to Ethiopia where they installed a solar powered medical vaccination fridge at the Beso rural Medical Centre in the Addis Alem region. This replaced an inefficient and expensive kerosene fridge and enabled the vaccines to be safely stored for approximately 3000 people who rely on this health clinic. The fridges are used to store six vaccines that protect against diseases including Tuberculosis, Polio, Tetanus and Diphtheria - all of which are potentially fatal but easily preventable by immunization at a young age.

After the installation, the Solarsense team trained the Beso staff in how to manage their solar system, in particular how to keep the battery healthy, which is crucial for off grid solar systems.

"All is going very well – the nurse loves the fridge! It’s proving very, very useful and is much better than the kerosene fridge. We are now looking to fund-raise for the school to have a PV system." Helen Cousins, For Ethiopia

This project was undertaken in partnership with Bristol-based charity For Ethiopia, whose Patron is Dr. Alice Roberts (BBC Natural History). They have a Virgin Money Giving page here. The fridge was supplied by Dulas Ltd and imported with the assistance of the Oromia Regional Health Bureau. It was transferred to the site by the FDEA (For Development Ethiopia Association).

We are continuing our links with the Beso Rural Medical Centre and have since returned to install three additional fridges.

Glenburnie Butega School

In February 2005 Solarsense installed a PV lighting system for Glenburnie Butega School in Uganda.

In 2006 we then returned to install a solar powered water pump and rainwater storage system to supply water the school with both drinking water and water for the children to grow their own food. We also supplied solar power to the local Medical Centre.

In February 2009 Solarsense installed a solar PV system on a new nursery building - financed by generous donations from our valued customers. 


In March 2008 Solarsense installed remote clinic lighting for ten villages in the South of the country.

Bishop Bexell Orphanage

In March 2010, a Solarsense team visited the Bishop Bexell Orphanage in Tamil Nadu, India, to install a solar PV system and provide lighting in the study and dormitories.